Gardenia jasminoides (Gardenia augusta)

Gardenia jasminoides (Gardenia augusta) Gardenia jasminoides (Gardenia augusta) Gardenia jasminoides (Gardenia augusta)

Location collected: Nan madol (Dolonier), Nett.
Date collected: November 27,1999
Collected by: Eugene Joseph

  1. Genus species: Gardenia augusta.
  2. Family name: Rubiaceae
  3. English name: Gardenia
  4. Chuukese name: Gardenia
  5. Pohnpeian names: Iohsep, sarawi, iohsep sarawi.
  6. Growth form: Shrub
  7. Growth location: Terrestrial
  8. Growth environment: Cultivated garden
  9. Growth zone: Tropical
  10. Average height: 2-3 meters
  11. Stem: Woody
  12. Leaf arrangement: Opposite
  13. Stipule: Absent
  14. Petioles: 0.2-0.5cm long
  15. Leaf balde: Eliptical and ovate shape, 5-10cm long, acute tip, green ,smooth and shiny surface, pinnate venation, and entire margin.
  16. Inflorecence: Solitary, just one flower at a common base.
  17. Floral bracts: None
  18. Flower: Symmetry, sex of flower not identified.
  19. Calyx: Green, cup-like structure surrounding the ovary
  20. Corolla: Rotate with multiple lobes
  21. Stamens: none
  22. Ovary: Inferior ovary
  23. Pistil: none
  24. Fruit: none
  25. Seed: not observed
  26. Anything else: Very strong floral odor
  27. Cultural usage: "Mwaramar" and also being used as fragrance.

Source for following information:

Gardenia jasminoides Ellis
  	GAAN6 	Gardenia angusta Merr., 	  	Cape jasmine
  	GAAU2 	Gardenia augusta Merr., nom. illeg. 	  	
  	GAFL7 	Gardenia florida L.
Kingdom  	Plantae  - Plants
Subkingdom 	Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision 	Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division 	Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class 	Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
Subclass 	Asteridae
Order 	Rubiales
Family 	Rubiaceae - Madder family
Genus 	Gardenia Ellis - gardenia
Species 	Gardenia jasminoides Ellis - Cape jasmine